Offering a vision of image in opposition with designated function, Amy Browne finds poetry in foiling purpopse. Interested in the complex relationship between form and information, she uses collage and video to collapse source material’s intent and manipulate structural compositions into themes that toggle between, message versus aesthetic, tension upposed to openness, failure versus emptiness.

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January 2019 ︎ Collage / The Staircase, Los Angeles, CA

January 2017 ︎ Sterile Mind, Lift the Mask / LP Cover Art

November 2016 ︎ Mall Walk, Funny Papers / LP Cover Art

August 2015 ︎ Contribution / Sculpture in a Box, Gary Hutton + Tom Bonauro

October 2014 ︎ Contribution / Garden Variety, Ed. Varie

Septmber 2013 ︎ Iron Lung, Dead Language / LP Cover Art

May 2013 ︎ Luggage Store Gallery (Group Show), San Francisco, CA

March 2011 ︎ New Work / Curator SF, San Francisco, CA

January 2010 ︎ Survival Annex (Group Show) / Curiosity Shoppe, San Francisco, CA

June 2010 ︎ Hello Sweden (Group Show) / Krets Gallery, Malmo, Sweden

May 2010 ︎ Garage Sale Project (Group Show), San Francisco, CA

May 2009 ︎ Collage / Curiosity Shoppe, San Francisco, CA

December 2009 ︎ Collage / NooWorks, San Francisco, CA

June 2008 ︎ Needles & Pens (Group Show), San Francisco, CA